Get greeted when you launch the terminal!

So, after a long long gap, I am finally back to blogging! Had to coz I made some simple but cool stuff today and wanted to share with all of you! 😀

Basically, this is a shell script which greets you when you launch the terminal on Linux based systems. So when you “accidently” launch the terminal after 12am, it will greet you with something like “Enough of coding for the day. You should take some rest” 😀 And will wish GM, GA, GE rest of the times 🙂

How did the idea come?

I came to know about the espeak command from a friend. It speaks out what you give as an argument to it. So I tried this out and thought of making something cool with this. And then the idea came to my mind…..

The code

You can download the script from github. The simple steps required to set it up for your terminal are given in the README file. Go through it. As it is released under GPL v2, you are legally free to modify the source, change the messages and timings as per your wish 😀

Do read the man page of espeak. You can also play around with the speed and pitch 🙂
Do let me know if you face any problem in setting it up.

Enjoy! Happy Coding! 🙂


Ubuntu 12.04 : “The system network services are not compatible with this version”

I recently changed my service provider from BSNL to Tikona. I had no problems whatsoever configuring the internet on Windows7 and Debian 6.0. But faced some problems while configuring it on Ubuntu 12.04. Actually, whenever I went to “Networks” under the System Settings, I used to get a pop-up box saying – “The system network services are not compatible with this version“. Furthermore the network icon was also not seen in the top-panel. Obviously, there was no problem with Tikona, but with my network-manager on Ubuntu 12.04.

I browsed a lot and tried out many things, but in the end my own hack worked! 🙂 Stating a few things which I tried, as they might be useful for you in someway or the other. If they Continue reading