2015: A year focused on fitness

Never felt like blogging in the past 5 months like I have been feeling now! Resolutions are made and boom! They are gone. It is necessary to write them somewhere. Blog it somewhere. So that you have that thing running in your mind that people know it and will eventually ask you. That’s something which keeps you going.

While 2014 was a remarkable and eventful year, I am looking towards 2015 to be a year whereby I start giving more importance on my fitness.

I have been hitting the gym for 2 months or so already, but that period is filled with many breaks and excuses which I feel ashamed of! So that’s something which I will be avoiding this year. No lame excuses. Period.

Woke up today morning a bit early and since I am back home in Pune, thought of going for a run at 6 am. I hope to continue with the same attitude for the entire year. Monday to Friday — in the gym doing cardio and regular workout and running/cycling/swimming on weekends, that’s how I plan to go ahead.

Thank you Ram, Mani, Akshat Khanna and other fitness freaks for being an inspiration to me!

Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous and healthy 2015! Cheers! 🙂



Hello! Welcome to Pratik Lahoti’s blog on WordPress!

I’m Pratik Lahoti from Pimpri, Pune. I am currently in my second year of IT Engineering from College of Engineering Pune(CoEP).

I’m an optimist,  a guy filled with the spirit of volunteerism. I love the concept of freedom, free softwares and the free knowledge ideology.

I am very much internet savvy, and I’m quite active on social networking sites  as well. :)

Editing Wikipedia is one of my hobbies and passion. Apart from this, I’ve been recently involved in web designing and now I’m into blogging! :)

I’m here to try my hand at blogging and hopefully, I’ll continue with it :)  I’ll be writing on any random topics, about my Wikipedia activities and other things happening around me. Hope you all will give it a good read. 🙂

Happy reading, Happy blogging!

…And oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I’m cute and sweet as well ;)