Ubuntu 12.04 : “The system network services are not compatible with this version”

I recently changed my service provider from BSNL to Tikona. I had no problems whatsoever configuring the internet on Windows7 and Debian 6.0. But faced some problems while configuring it on Ubuntu 12.04. Actually, whenever I went to “Networks” under the System Settings, I used to get a pop-up box saying – “The system network services are not compatible with this version“. Furthermore the network icon was also not seen in the top-panel. Obviously, there was no problem with Tikona, but with my network-manager on Ubuntu 12.04.

I browsed a lot and tried out many things, but in the end my own hack worked! 🙂 Stating a few things which I tried, as they might be useful for you in someway or the other. If they don’t work you can try out mine. I shall be telling you my hack at the end of this post.

  • To get back the network icon in the panel, here’s a quick solution –
    sudo NetworkManager
  • From the posts which I read, I came to know that this problem was quite common and was due to the latest network related updates. Probably, there was some bug in it. So I also tried out doing an apt-get update and an apt-get dist-upgrade. For this, as I had no internet itself, I booted through a live CD and ran those two commands by the chroot method (changed the root to my current root partition). I came back to my original Ubuntu, all the updates were installed and Update Manager had nothing to show! But still, I was getting the same prompt!
  • As it was a problem with the latest upgrade of network-manager, one possible solution was to downgrade it to an earlier version. I did the same, downloaded the previous version, network-manager-dbg_0.9.4.0-0ubuntu3_i386.deb alongwith its dependencies and installed them using the dpkg -i method. But still, the problem persisted!
  • Finally, an idea struck my mind! When I booted through the live CD, I could connect to the internet. Obviously, that copy of Ubuntu had perfectly working files and configuration. So, I went to the /etc folder of that live CD using nautilus and copied all the network related files and folders! I went two floors up, borrowed a pendrive from a friend and copied the files into it! 😛 The folders I copied were – network, NetworkManager, ppp, resolvconf and the files I copied were networks and resolv.conf. Rebooted, and pasted all of them in my etc folder. Graphical interface dint work as sudo privileges are required. So I did through command line. Rebooted again, and yaay! The network icon with that up-down icon was immediately seen. Done!Note: This restores all the settings to the ones you have at the time of a fresh install. This also solved the problem of the annoying message – “Waiting for 60 more seconds for network configuration”, which I used to get while booting. Now Ubuntu boots in just 15 – 20 seconds.

That’s it for now, my pizza is getting cold. 😛


14 thoughts on “Ubuntu 12.04 : “The system network services are not compatible with this version”

    • Totally solution:

      Open your terminal, type:
      sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces

      And remove those lines that come AFTER …
      ” iface lo inet loopback:”

      auto eth? ….
      iface eth? inet dhcp

      Regards George

      • Man, thank you so much!!!
        I’m trying to fix the “waiting for network configuration” problem for more than 6months..
        now, it’s done!!!
        =) I can’t believe!

        Best Regards,
        from Brazil! =D

  1. I was having this issue after updating from from 10.04 to 12.04. I used George’s solution from the comments, restarted, and network started working again. Many Thanks!

  2. Patrik and George, Thank you both very much!
    I followed George’s instructions from the comments and I not only got the network icon back on the panel of 12.04, but I also got rid of that nasty ‘waiting for further 60 sec’-message I always received ever since I’d installed Ubuntu 11.10!

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